See Jane Go Hails O’Brien Marketing to Kickstart Advertising Campaign

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NEWPORT BEACH—CALIF All female ride hail startup See Jane Go teamed up with Orange County media buying agency O’Brien Marketing to launch their inaugural advertising campaign.

The three-month campaign, launched in September 2016, focused on saturating See Jane’s home markets of Orange County and Long Beach, which utilized radio and digital media.

“As a father of three daughters, companies like See Jane Go that value empowering women and being proactive about their safety is important to me and all parents alike,” said C. Patrick O’Brien—CEO of O’Brien Marketing. “Helping this brand grow has been a pleasure and I’m proud of the work that has been done and will continue in protecting women as See Jane expands.”

O’Brien and his team, using their vast experience in creative strategy and implementation, identified the top female radio stations in the market that will reach prospective customers and drivers. Along with purchasing spots on stations, O’Brien utilized powerful female radio personalities like Lisa Foxx from My-FM and Karen Sharp from KOST to emphasize the values of the See Jane Go brand.

To target younger women, a digital radio buy was included in the plan that utilized Pandora and Spotify that supplemented the traditional radio campaign. O’Brien and his team also utilized geo-fencing technology that targeted various college campuses in the Orange County area.

“We’ve seen great results as a result of our campaign,” said O’Brien “We are seeing increases in hails and driver signups in our market, and the brand plans on expanding outside their endemic market in the future.”

See Jane Go is available now for download on the App Store or the Android marketplace. Drivers can apply now at

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