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Making a St. Patrick’s Day splash with the launch of Herbalife’s 30th Anniversary campaign on March 17th, O’Brien Marketing painted the streets green from Los Angeles to New York touting the nutritional authenticity that defines the Herbalife brand.

Illuminating New York’s Time Square and various Los Angeles hot spots, colossal and holiday-fitting green digital billboards caught the attention of passersby with 30th Anniversary celebratory images and messages about the importance of leading a healthy, active life.

Offering all the cache of a premier and sophisticated marketing firm, O’Brien Marketing found a unique opportunity with Herbalife in coordinating a splash campaign traversing the U.S., which included elements such as digital billboard messaging in New York and Los Angeles, advertisements in national publications including USA Today and various Hispanic-directed publications as well as collaboration with international media.

“Working with Herbalife on their 30th Anniversary campaign afforded us the opportunity to explore exciting and new media buys through unconventional and traditional outlets, expanding our relationships with media and advertising groups nationwide,” remarked C. Pat O’Brien, CEO of O’Brien Marketing.

Considering Herbalife’s international organizational involvement with sports teams including the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team among others, Herbalife has found a distinctive niche in the sports market including competitive professional and youth soccer, international cycling and more. An expert in the field, O’Brien’s extensive experience and strong relationships with sports-related publications and affiliates targeting diverse audiences, Herbalife found a strong advocate and collaborative partner in O’Brien Marketing well-suited to achieve their marketing and advertising goals.

Running through March 25th, the Herbalife 30th Anniversary campaign will reach millions of individuals reminding each of them make better nutritional choices. Take a look around and see the green, soak up a bit of nutritional goodness in Herbalife—exclusively brought to you by the O’Brien Marketing team.

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